2014 Officers & Board


President:  R. Joe Richter

Vice- President: Brendan Kampwerth

Secretary: Barb Richter



Tom Hustedde

Ralph Langhauser

Diane Brinkmann

email us at: Breesehistory@gmail.com
Send U.S. Mail to:
P.O. Box 103
Breese, IL  62230


-Any person interested in the history of Breese, Illinois, who applies for membership and pays the necessary dues, shall thereby become a member.

Annual dues shall be $10.00 per individual membership. The charter year shall run from March 31. 2000 to December 31, 2000. Henceforth, the fiscal year will run from January 1st through December 31st. Each paid up membership is entitled to one vote.


Regular meetings of the society shall be held on the last Wednesday of each month, place, date, and hour to be set by the membership, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF DECEMBER, THERE IS NO REGULAR MEETING IN DECEMBER. The annual meeting shall be held on a date and at a designated meeting place agreed upon by the membership at the November regular meeting for the purpose of installation of officers thereby duly empowered and the adoption of the annual report by the Society membership. The president and/or two members of the board of directors may call for a special meeting as needed.

Five members shall constitute a quorum.

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