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Mural West 2

W33 - Hustedde and Son

Hustedde and Son was formed from a company started by Hy. Dieker, Charles Eulbert and John Beckemeyer.  In 1908 the firm was purchased by Hy. Schroeder, Hy. Burhorn and Hy. Hustedde.  They manufactured cement blocks and silos.

Later Schroeder sold his interest to Burhorn and Hustedde.. Mr Burhorn sold his half interest to Mr. Hustedde and he then formed a partnership with his son Frankj and the business became Hustedde and son.

More information on this business as well as other business and more can be found in the 2006 Breese Sesquicentennial Pictorial History book which is available from the Breese Historical Society


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