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Mural Pavilion D

  D9 - Bruegge Furniture & Undertaking

Bruegge Furniture & Undertaking.

The business was started in 1874 by Theodore Bruegge and Fritz Brandt. In 1875 Mr. Brandt sold his share to Mr. Bruegge and it then became known as Bruegge Furniture & Undertaking and was located at the NE corner of the intersection of N. 1st St. and N. Cherry St.

Mr. Bruegge was a cabinet maker and manufactured his own furniture and coffins. In 1901 his son, Henry entered the partnership. In 1945, Henry's son Ferdinand, joined his father and the furniture store was moved to a new location at 560 N. 2nd St. and the funeral home was moved to 620 N. 2nd St.

In 1952, Henry sold the business to his son Ferdinand’s daughter Marie Heyer and son-in-law Louis B. Heyer. The name of the business was changed to Bruegge and Co. Upon death of Mr. Heyer, Marie managed the funeral home while Ferdinand concentrated on the furniture business. In 1982 Ferdinand's son Michael, joined his father in the business and assisted in the funeral home. In 1982, Michael built a funeral home at the corner of N. 1st St. and N. Clinton St. The building at 620 N. 2nd St. was purchased in 1988 by Robert T. Bruegge and William Becker where they established a law firm.


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