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Mural Pavilion D

  D5 - The Highway Cafe

The Hi-Way Cafe - 619 North 4th St.

This building was moved here from the lots to the west and faced Main Street. Henry and August Timmermann operated a shoe store from this building in the 1920's. After the building was moved to this location, it was converted to a restaurant and bar. It was operated by Sylvester "Coonie" Timmermann who had purchased the property, and he called it The Hi-Way Cafe.

In 1936, the Greyhound Company began bus service between St. Louis and Cincinnati, Ohio. Several busses stopped here daily, going east and west.

Coonie lived in quarters in the rear of the building and rented the second floor to the Odd Fellows Organization.

Henry Fonke and sons purchased the building in 1947. ln 1954, it was owned and operated by Clarence Fonke until the mid 1960's, when it was sold to Betty Lockwood.


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