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Mural Pavilion D

  D12 - Breese Grain Company

Breese Grain Company - 700 North First Street.

The Breese Grain Company with A.C. Koch as President and Otto Rumpf as secretary was issued a charter on January 12, 1921. One of the first steps taken, by the new company was to contract for the construction of a reinforced concrete elevator, with 30,000 bushel capacity.

In 1948, construction of a two story steel and tile warehouse was completed. In January, 1851, it was decided to construct a handling plant for bulk raw rock phosphate. A.C. Koch died in March, 1956. Carl Koch, took over as manager of the company and president of the board of directors. On January 1, 1980 he sold the company to Felix Wilke, a Wayne feed dealer from St. Rose, and Duane Zachry, a licensed grain operator from Carlyle.

On Sept. 1, 2001, the partnership sold Breese Grain Co. to Brad zachry and Brent Zachry, of Zachry Farms Inc.


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