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Mural Pavilion B

  B4- Herbst Tavern

Herbst's Tavern Roland A. Zirkel operated a tavern in the North part of the building. In the south part of the building, Roland's wife, Alice and Leone King opened the Breese Beauty Shop on October 21, 1933.

In May, 1970, Robert E. Wieter and his wife.Lillian purchased the property.

In February, 1989, Pete Frost purchased the property and changed the name of the tavern to Frosty's Bar & Grill.

In January, 1991 he sold the property to Carl & Peggy Thole. They remodeled and converted the living quarters into a restaurant and renamed the business, Tiny's Bar & Grill. They sold the property and business to Jimmy Thole, he changed the name to Jimmy T's. In 2008 the property traded hands and became known as Darla’s Last Chance.  Then in 2009 the property was sold and is now known as The Ironside Grill.



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