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Mural Pavilion B

  B14- Wally's

Wally's 711 N. 4th Street was s tarted in 1951 by Wally Knue. Wally's has become a landmark in Breese and Clinton County. Wally's reputation was built on great tasting food, and the standard "hamburger, fries and a small Ski." All of the Knue family, including Rosemary, Pep, Jo Ann, Bob and Jackie have worked in the' restaurant at one time, while mother Mame cooked chili at home. In 1970, Bob took over operations and Rob Knue and Jeff Gross are now manning the grill; however, one is still likely to see Bob or Wally lending a hand. Familiar faces in Wally's over the years include Tom Kuhn, on both sides of the counter, Bassie Grimmer, and many others who worked there and acquired the trademark skill of taking orders without writing anything down. In the mid 1940's there was a miniature golf course to the east and north of Wally's operated by Frank & Dorothy (Knue) Meyer.



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