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Mural Pavilion B

  B12- Jasper Ford

Will Jasper and Louis Vander Pluym founded this dealship in 1913. The original location is the current site of the Breese Ambulance Service. Will Jasper moved the business to 630 North Fourth Street a year later, that’s the picture you see here. In 1914 a contract to sell and service Ford vehicles was signed with Ford Motor Company. On January 1, 1936, two employees, Elmer Furtwengler and Lewis Dorries, purchased the business. Lewis Dorries became the sole owner in 1951. The Mercury franchise was awarded in 1955. In 1964, Lewis Dorries's son, Clyde, joined the business. Breese Motor Sales moved to its current location at 101 North Fourth Street and Mater Dei Drive in 1967. Clyde and Pat Dorries became owners of the dealership in 1977. A son of the Dorries', Christopher, has become the fourth generation of the family to become involved in the management of Breese Motor Sales.

After the Breese Motor Sales moved out of this building it was used for several years as an auction site and Arrow group Industries used this building to house it’s panel center. The building was razed and replaced with another.  This is the same building that in shown in B-6 but here it has a higher front with the Jasper name and Ford name displayed.



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