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Mural Pavilion B

  B1- Clinton County Oil Company

The Clinton County Oil Co. was established in the early 1920's at the present location of Wade Sales & Service at Old Rt. 50 West by members of the Wade family, Gene, Dwight and Ed.

They dealt with several oil companies such as Texico, Purol and Tydol-Veedol.

In 1948, they built a new building across Hwy 50 which housed a new gas station and a furniture and appliance business.

Shortly after moving to their new location they began dealing with Shell products, but continued their association with the Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.

CC Food Mart which began in 1998 is a part of Clinton Co.

Oil Co., at its present location at 8322 Old U.S. 50 West and is owned by Gail Wade and Rene Foehner.



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