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Mural Pavilion A

  A14 - Erwin Koch

In the late 1930's, Erwin Koch owned and operated the building as a gas and oil station and had a shop to work on vehicles. Later he added a lunch counter and bar and added cottages. In 1943, Koch built a dance hall in back.

Punkin Pfister leased the building as a nightclub and in 1946, Vic Head and Glen Springmeier leased the building. In 1950, Ervin Koch sold the building to Jack Weaver who sold it to Nick and Rosie Siminoff one year later.

Herman Essert Sr. purchased the buildings in October, 1953, it featured nightclub, small kitchen, and motel buildings. In 1954, Herman I. Essert bought into a partnership with Herman Essert Sr. In 1957, Herman L. Essert and his wife Millie became partners with Millie's parents, Gus and Tilly Bachr.

In 1969, Gus and Tilly Bachr sold their shares to John and Ann Gluck. The four partners decided in 1972 to retire the nightclub and developed it’s restaurant, bar and motels. In 1980, a new motel building was built.

In 1990, the Essert/Gluck partnership sold the business to Diane Poettker and her brother Bernie Poettker.


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