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  E25- Bridges

Top Picture:  The ancient Shoal Creek bridge near the little hamlet of Frogtown in Clinton County was  dismantled to make way for a new modem structure. The 65-foot center span was first built in 1820 and was an important link between the east and west as pioneers drove their wagons westward along the Midland Trail. The 48-foot spans were added in 1899. The solid limestone piers, remained in place to support the new structure.



Middle picture:  This Steel structure stool for many years on Route 50 over Shoal Creek.  It was replaced with a concrete sided bridge when the roadway was widened.

Bottom picture:  The Swinging Bridge served as a roadway across Shoal Creek.

Located one mile north of Rt. 50 bridge headed East and West.

Entire bridge was built by farmers who owned property near the bridge. The bridge was damaged and nearly removed in 1946. It was then repaired and used until circa, 1956. At that time it was destroyed beyond repair and never used again. Nothing remains of the bridge.





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