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Mural East 2

  E22- Post Office

This Picture was taken when the Post Office occupied the location where Kozy Korner now stands.  The building shown here served as the Kozy Korner tavern until it was destroyed by fire.

The first Post Office in Breese Township was established at Shoal Creek Station on October 30, 1857 in the town called Frogtown. Robert S. M. Donne was the first Postmaster appointed at that time.

The Post Office was moved to the Village of Breese on Jan. 21, 1881 and the name was changed to Breese Post Office. It was located in the Donne home on N. Broadway. The 1892 Post Office was located at a place which now has an address of 620 North Second Street.

In 1893 the Post Office was located at 198 North Main Street. In 1914 the Post Office was located along the alley on North Clinton St. between N. 1st Street and N. 2nd Street.

In 1922 it was moved to the SW corner of N. Main and N. 2nd St. In 1929 it was moved to a new building at 580 North Second Street, the current location of Logo's and More.

In 1938 the Federal Government purchased the property at 501 North First Street. Construction of the new Post Office building was delayed due to the lack of building materials and government financing during WWII and the Korean War and was not completed until 1972.



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