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E5 - V&H Bowling Alley

V & H Bowling Alley 732 North 4th Street The V & H Recreation building was erected in 1940 and was owned by Mr. V. J. Hummert and leased to Thomas A. Hummert and Orvill Von Alst. They equipped the building with six new bowling alleys and modern bar fictures in readiness for the bowling season of 1940

Note: Alpen Brau beer sign in front of the original building. The beer was distributed by Harry C. Wieter of Breese.

Ben Temborius later became the owner. The business was later sold to Robert Hummert. In 1952, Fremont Wobbe purchased the alleys and fixtures and began operations as owner & manager. He expanded the bowling alley from six to ten lanes. The building was destroyed by fire in 1975 and was rebuilt the following year.

After the death of her husband, Martha Wobbe managed the business for many years before selling the business to Terry Dietzel in September 1999.


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