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E4 - Commercial Hotel-Hawley Hotel

The Commercial Hotel-Hawley Hotel 589 North Broadway The Commercial Hotel was built about 1873 on the corner of North Main and Broadway. It was operated by Mr. Shepard until 1905, when August Vogelsang bought out his interest. The hotel had 24 rooms, all with heat, lights and ventilation. The room rate was $2 per day, including meals. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rickher owned and operated the hotel. A tavern was in the west part of the hotel with Heim beer on tap. The hotel closed for a short time and in 1919, Mr. & Mrs.

Clyde Hawley reopened it. Their daughter, Evelyn, managed the hotel. The name was changed to. the Hawley Hotel. During the governorship of Henry Horner, this hotel was selected to serve the dinner at the time of his visit to Breese. For this event there was temporary broadcasting equipment installed in the dining room and his address was heard live over the air waves.

Inside the Hawley Hotel the dining room was decorated for a special event.


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