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Mural East 1

  E3 - Hospital

During the 1930’s renovations continued.  The chapel was remodeled and the third floor, shown in this picture, was completed.  This allowed separation of the Maternity and Nursery from the medical-surgical wards.  Such an arrangement became more and more necessary as the number of maternity patients increased.  The 1935 souvenir booklet lists eleven Sisters, with Engelmara serving as Supervisor, and four nurses, Clementine Foppe, Virginia Munie, Clara Werth and Mrs Ed. Heidel.  In comparison, the 1956 Breese Centennial Book notes that in 1955 the hospital had 12 Sisters and about 50 full and part time employees.  As of 2005 the eighty-five bed hospital had 295 full time equivalent employees.


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