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Mural East 1


E1 - St. Joseph's Hospital

The history of St. Joseph’s Hospital began in 1890 when Mrs. Elizabeth Speckmann, a Breese widow, died and left nine acres of land and $1500 to the people of Breese to build a hospital.  Also recognizing the need for a hospital, the parishioners of St. Dominic Catholic Church in Breese took up the challenge and seven years later (approximately 1898), the 2 story brick facility shown was completed at a cost of $18,000.  The facility was dedicated to St. Joseph by the Most Reverend John Janssen.  The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ served as sponsors until 1917 when they withdrew because of other commitments. The hospital was reopened briefly during a flu epidemic by the Notre Dame Sisters and in 1920 the Reverend Father J. F. Meifuss at St. Dominic’s asked the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross to accept sponsorship.  Following an inspection visit by Sister Lauda, Superior of the Holy Cross Sisters at St. Joseph’s in Dickson ND, the Sisters accepted the proposal and on April 2, 1921, reopened the facility.


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